We here at Andrea’s Mission for Men believe that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Our wholeness relies on our reconciled relationship with Christ. We believe in; complete life redemption through Gospel restoration and that Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.

We are humbly requesting your support for the men of our community, their futures, and their families well being.

Our mission

To show men who are bound with addiction, the way to liberation from sin and advocate with them, by the love of Christ. Our mission is to establish in them their true identity, worth, and potential through Jesus Christ.

Our purpose

Our purpose at Andrea’s Mission for Men is to provide a safe, structured, transitional environment for men. We point to where real hope may be found for the lost and addicted, by sharing the truth of Jesus Christ and giving instruction on the application of that truth to their lives. To restore the father, son, brother, and friend back to their families and communities by building up Godly men on a firm foundation of Jesus Christ.

Here at Andrea’s Mission we have what we believe to be a well rounded curriculum that will not only guide these men to Christ, but also give them the tools needed to reintegrate them back into society.


•    Christian Communications

•    Group Therapy

•    Back to Eden (Christ based 12 step group)

•    Discipleship

•    Coping Skills

•    Anger Management

•    Bible Study

•    Pathway to Christian Character

•    Celebrate Recovery (a national recovery program)

•    Parenting

Anticipated classes         

•    Financial Training

•    Employment Training

•    Domestic Violence/Abuse

We have over thirty volunteers and six paid staff. With these courses along with the teachings of the Bible we believe provide a solid program for recovery.

Andrea’s Mission (the ladies’ facility) and Andrea’s Mission For Men are operated under People Who Care Ministries Inc. (PWC) which is a Non-Profit 501c 3 organization.

**If you or anyone you know could use the benefit of Andrea’s Mission or Andrea’s Mission For Men or would like to volunteer or donate please contact us at the above address or phone Number.

Thank You And God Bless You.

Chad Cardwell
Andrea’s Mission For Men




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